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What is Online Personal Training?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So you found this site. You read everything I am claiming to do for you. But you are still completely dumbfounded on what Online Training is.

Join the party, and let me try to explain.

Online Training is..

An exact blueprint on how to get you where you want to go.

From your workouts, specific exercises, reps, sets, rest time, tempo, to telling you what to put in your mouth.

It's basically a handy way of telling you exactly what you need to do, to get exactly what you want.

"Sounds great, but what exactly do I get?"

There are four pillars to building a successful plan to attain any amount of fat loss or muscle gain that we would cover:

- Training (not exercise)

- Nutrition (not dieting)

- Recovery

- Motivation / Accountability

Training Plan

There is a difference between training and exercising. Exercise is great, it is anything active burning calories and keeping you healthy. Training on the other hand is a systematic method of exercise to achieve a specific goal. Everything made in your program would have a purpose. This includes:

- Specific workouts with a weekly plan.

- Frequency and volume of workouts to meet your specific goals.

- Order of exercises, number of sets and reps, along with tempo and rest times.

-Warm ups, cool downs, everything you need from your first step into the gym, until you leave.

- A easy to follow calendar giving you everything you need on training days as well as rest days.

Nutrition Plan

I am not a huge fan of "diets". Or cutting out anything that occupies a large part of your current diet. The best approach that I have found works over and over again is something called "flexible dieting". Weight gain and weight loss boil down to two basic concepts. Calories in vs. calories out, and what those calories consist of, macronutrients. These two concepts determine if your body gains or loses weight, and if that weight is muscle or fat. We would get into this more as we started, but these are the basics. The nutrition plan includes:

- Macro nutrient set up and tracking, evolving with your progress.

- Meal frequency for lifestyle.

- Sample meal plans based on your specific taste preference.

- Supplements. Different supplements will can help you get to different goals. We'll figure out what can help you. (No fufu "fat burning tea", just supplements backed by countless University and Medical studies)


Recovery is giving your body everything it needs to grow and progress. From sleep to hydration, flexibility to supplementation, anything that we need to get better at, add into your plan, or take out completely to make sure you keep moving forward. This includes:

- Sleep tracking / improvement

- Water intake

- Flexibility

- Adding supplements if needed

Motivation / Accountability

Accountability and motivation are just as important as your diet or training. You can know what to do, but if you can't consistently preform or stay on track, it doesn't mean anything.

There are plenty of different ways to re-frame how you look at it so motivation is no longer the problem, some people need a lot of help here, some don't. This includes:

- Weekly Facetime/Skype calls for program roll out, changes, and to check progress.

- App for nutrition, workout tracking, and weekly schedule.

- 100% access to me through email and app messaging. Last minute happy hour after work? Feeling a tweak in an exercise during a workout? I'm right there to fix it.

- Send form correction videos through the app.

- Learning the difference between moral licensing leading to constancy vs. always having to start over.

"So I just become a client and I get everything I need, then boom, I'm where I want to be?"


What I am trying to say is, changing your body, changing your temperament, isn't as simple as just buying an expensive gym membership, or an expensive plan. I am here to give you all the tools you need to succeed, so you can go out and execute. And I would be there every step of the way.

So hopefully I answered any questions you had. If not, feel free to email me at, or apply to become a client here.

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