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Training Vs. Exercise

I mustache you a question👨🏻

Are you currently training or just exercising?

Because they aren’t the same thing. 🍎🍊

They are both amazing, they both help you live longer and feel better, which I think is a net positive for society.

But recognize the difference. If you have body composition goals, exercise does very little of guaranteeing you see any progress.

Instead of seeing any exercise as capable of getting you closer to what you want, realize there is a legitimate science behind how your body progresses.

Try and reverse engineer how you look at your training.👷🏽‍♂️

Don’t just set a goal (i.e. weight loss.) Define specifically what success and failure looks like according to that goal, and then build a step by step method of getting there. (i.e. increasing your volume every week by X amount.)

Usually this means using some sort of measurable progress in your training, whether it be tracking your weights in your notes app, or using an app like Stacked. This way you can look at your notes and see specifically if you are continuously putting more stress on your body (progressively overloading it), or if you’re just doing the same thing week to week.📈

They both have their place, but it’s at least important to know the difference.📃🖋

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