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Who am I?

me overweight

Hi, my name is Tony.

And this is my least favorite question. Ever.

What do you want me to say?

I am a personal trainer who can help you lose fat, build muscle, and completely change your life!!


I am a young, ambitious fitness coach with a passion for helping others <3


Lacks spirit.

Actually makes me want to punch myself in the fact.

And it sounds like literally everybody else in the fitness industry.

So I guess the best way I can describe myself (or what I try to be) is...

The opposite of what you think of when you picture an online coach/fitness professional.

Huh? No for real, who the f*** are you?


My name is Tony.

And I am a personal trainer.

I am also...

- An educator

- A podcast host

- A public speaker

- A writer (not a great one)

- The manager of an incredible team

- In love with something without a heartbeat (Chipotle burritos)

- A lot more than what you think of when it comes to fitness and health

Bottom line:


Labels suck

And when I picture the fitness industry right now (or a fitness "influencer") here's what pops in my head:

- Some oily shirtless dude selling you some crappy supplement that they don't even take

- Girls putting their a$$ as close to the camera as humanly possible posting their "workouts"

- Myths going viral for click-bait purposes leaving us more and more confused on what to believe

I want to change the fitness industry...

And after that defy gravity, and master breathing under water...

Okay. Maybe that's a little larger what one sapien can do.

But I at least want to make a dent.

I don't want to give you another workout that I copy and pasted from another client...

I want to work closely with you to design a training program that's centered around your life and your goals.

I don't want to give you a meal plan I found on google...

I want to teach you to actually understand how the food you eat impacts your body.

I don't want to send you a weekly email "check-in" that asks the same questions week after week

I want to talk to you face to face and take you through an online course paired with your training and nutrition plan so you know how to do this

I want to teach you how your body and health work.

"Okay so what do you know?"

nasm certified personal trainer
NESTA certified personal trainer
TRX certified trainer

Well for starters...


I am 28 years old.


I am not your life coach.


I'm not trying to give you the power to make the right career choices or fix your relationship problems. (What's your love language and attachment style though??)

But I can get you in the jeans you haven't fit in since 2007. I can get you to see your abs for the first time in your life. Or build a butt that doesn't need Lululemon to look good. 


For almost ten years I have clocked over 5,000 hours of learning directed towards training, nutrition, hormone health (endocrinology), and mindset/psychology. I have spoken to 10+ corporations and their employees to educate them on proper diet, training, and lifestyle practices. I have helped over 4,000 individuals lose fat, build lean muscle, and better their health. And I am a part of four Nationally Accredited Sports Medicine and Health institutions.

(Member of American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Specialist, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Training Certified)

Does that answer your question a little better?


Beyond all of that.

I am in true disbelief and incredibly thankful that you have taken the time to get to know me.

I truly am in love with what I do and it means the absolute world that it is possible due to people like you.

So thank you.

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