Who am I?

Why am I really doing this?

Because this shit matters.


When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time, I was lost, I was weak, and honestly, pretty hopeless.


Taking action on my nutrition and training has taken me through very low, bleak times in my life. It has taken my confidence from next to nothing, to being recollected and optimistic about nearly everything going on in my life. It's added quality to my personal life, sex life, work life, and made every single relationship in my life better. 

Learning how to eat right and train right has made me a better person.


And I want to make it easy for anyone to feel that way.

I've trained hundreds of clients in person, thousands through classes, and written countless nutrition plans for individuals who want to see better results -- CEOs, bartenders, teachers, accountants, all just trying to get better.

I have helped people lose 60+ pounds. Helped women look like a Disney character on their wedding day, helped athletes train for their first Tough Mudder / Savage Races, and helped so many people get off blood pressure and diabetes medication. 

People that want to get better inspire me and the fact that I can help them in this aspect of life makes me psyched out of my mind. Everything on this site is for you. To make you better.

My name is Tony,

and I am not used to putting a label on myself, but here's my best shot...

I am a 25-year-old fitness coach with almost over 8 years of experience...

No... that doesn't sound great...

I am a young, ambitious guy that has a passion for health & fitness!

Nope, doesn't sound good either...

Let me start over. My name is Tony, and I am insanely thankful (and a little surprised) that you are taking the time to actually read about me.

So what do I know?

I am 25 years old. I am not trying to mentor you. I'm not trying to give you the power to make the right career choices or fix your relationship problems. 

But I can get you in the jeans you haven't fit in since 2007. I can get you to see your abs for the first time in your life or build a butt that doesn't need Lululemon to look good. 


For almost ten years I have studied and experimented with training and nutrition for muscle gain, fat loss, building endurance, and total body recomposition being a part of four Nationally Accredited Sports Medicine and Health institutions.

- Member of American College of Sports Medicine

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Specialist 

- National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association Certified Personal Trainer


- TRX Training Certified



 if you've been in the same routine for weeks, months, maybe even years and haven't made the real progress you've wanted, lets talk. There's a reason for that, and I would love to figure out what it is.


You can email me at all times and I will always reply here, or if you are interested in becoming a client, you can fill out an online client application here. I am here to teach you how to succeed, and would love to answer any questions.


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