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Online Training

(What is it?)

No, I am not going to FaceTime you at the gym and put you through workouts.

We are going to build a program around you -- focusing on your training, nutrition to fit your goals, and how to make it all adhere to your life. Making a step-by-step plan for you to make a sensational transformation (effective, practical, and affordable.)

We are going to change your life.

"So what exactly do I get?"

Thorough Initial Assessment

  • Fully break down and explore your goals to find the most efficient way to get there.

  • Look at your  individual lifestyle (work, family, social commitments, etc.) to create a plan that makes sense for you personally.

Custom Training Program

  • Organized frequency, volume, and training style to match your goals and priorities.

  • Scheduled periodization/phases to ensure we hit as few plateaus as possible.

  • Programming every single workout, from mobility warm-ups to exercises, sets, reps, rest, tempo from the second you walk into the gym to the second you walk out.

  • Delivery through an app to keep track of workouts, provide form videos, and detailed instruction.

Custom Nutrition Plan

  • We don't focus on "clean eating" or cutting out food/food groups you enjoy, because you absolutely do not need to make optimal progress.

  • Custom macronutrient distribution set for your goals, your lifestyle, and how aggressive we want to be.

  • Sample meal plans with foods you enjoy that fit your goals.

  • Meal timing organized around your life.

  • Supplements make sense, sometimes. No "silver bullet" pills or potions, only supplements that have strong, time-tested backing that make sense for your goals.


  • Video calls, Weekly check-ins to review training, nutrition, and make adjustments to program as you progress.

  • Access to me around the clock via text and email. If you're going out to eat with co-workers and don't know what to get, I'll look up the menu and give you options. If you're going on vacation and won't have a gym, we'll figure it out to keep you on track.

  • I will be there every single step of the way.

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