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Online Training

(What is it?)

No, I am not going to FaceTime you at the gym and put you through workouts.

We are going to build a program around you -- focusing on your training, nutrition to fit your goals, and how to make it all adhere to your life. Making a step-by-step plan for you to make a sensational transformation (effective, practical, and affordable.)

We are going to change your life.

"So what exactly do I get?"

Thorough Initial Assessment

  • Fully break down and explore your goals to find the most efficient way to get there.

  • Look at your  individual lifestyle (work, family, social commitments, etc.) to create a plan that makes sense for you personally.

Custom Training Program

  • Organized frequency, volume, and training style to match your goals and priorities.

  • Scheduled periodization/phases to ensure we hit as few plateaus as possible.

  • Programming every single workout, from mobility warm-ups to exercises, sets, reps, rest, tempo from the second you walk into the gym to the second you walk out.

  • Delivery through an app to keep track of workouts, provide form videos, and detailed instruction.

  • I will also have you take form videos on most major moves so we can make sure your mechanics are working right, correct anything if not, and make sure you're training with the right weights and intensity to see change.

Custom Nutrition Plan

  • I don't focus on "clean eating" or cutting out food/food groups you enjoy, because you absolutely do not need to make optimal progress.

  • We will focus on the things that matter (like total calorie intake, protein intake, and some major micronutrients) to make sure we're fueling our body for exactly what our goal requires.

  • Sometimes this involves tracking food, but not always. Tracking can be an incredible tool but is not needed for every goal or lifestyle.

  • Sample meal plans with foods you enjoy that fit your goals.

  • Meal timing organized around your life.

  • Supplements make sense, sometimes. No "silver bullet" pills or potions, only supplements that have strong, time-tested backing that make sense for your goals.


  • Video calls, Weekly check-ins to review training, nutrition, and make adjustments to program as you progress.

  • Access to me around the clock via text and email. If you're going out to eat with co-workers and don't know what to get, I'll look up the menu and give you options. If you're going on vacation and won't have a gym, we'll figure it out to keep you on track.

  • I will be there every single step of the way.

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