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Just Because...

This isn’t meant to be taking shots at anyone in any way. I saw something similar the other day and wanted to reiterate it.

This is to remind you to look a little deeper than the image on the surface when trusting someone else with your health.

Is their message consistent? What education/certifications do they hold? How long have they been doing what they’re doing? Do they have client testimonials or referrals? Are they being paid to say what they’re saying?

Not that any of these by themselves completely tell you if someone else understands what they’re talking about, but just examples of some things that may point to lack of substance.

Ask for their experience, ask for the research, ask questions on why they’re saying what they’re saying. Go deeper than the confidence shown on their Instagram account, how many followers they have, or how much they themselves have changed.

Be smart, cha feel?🤷🏽‍♂️

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