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Tony Coffey bloom training

results don't lie

It's not just about looking like a greek god or goddess (even though that's a perk.) It's about feeling better, thinking better, and living better.

Corporate Speaking Events

Jackson health care manager

Kate Lively, Project Coordinator at Care Logistics

I've hired Tony for two separate events. One was an in-depth session for a sales team on how to stay healthy while traveling. The second session was recorded live in front of a small group and then shared with a young professional team of over 130 people. He was extremely detail-oriented and was able to relate his knowledge to real-world situations that people face each day when dealing with fitness and nutrition. We had several planning sessions to ensure the content was right for each group. I would highly recommend him for his wide array of knowledge and presentation skills.

fallon benefits manager

Yvonne Haerr, Health Management Consultant at Fallon Benefits Group


Fallon benefits manager

Jennifer M. Koncul, Health Management Consultant at FBG


We have hired Tony for several webinar series with for our client wellness programs and he exceeded our expectations! Tony delivered fantastic content displaying that he has an in-depth knowledge of all of things related to fitness and nutrition. We're looking forward to having Tony continue to provide valuable content to our clients and their corporate wellness programs.

1 On 1 Clients

transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture

- 15 lbs.    -8 inches     Squat +50lbs

Kirsti A.

Working with Tony has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve always loved working out and being active.  My problem was figuring out what to eat and how much to eat. I tried the different fad diets and had success. That success was short lived and unsustainable.


I’ve learnt it’s not about what I eat, it is about the quantity and quality of nutrients. He is extremely educated on nutrition and he provides challenging exercises that show results quickly and consistently. The amount of passion and effort he puts into everything he does is incredible and unmatched. I feel so lucky to have him in my life and to continue my journey to my fitness goals with his help.

Kelli B.

- 6 lbs.    -5.5 inches     +2lbs Lean Mass

Not just a trainer...


I’m a single mother of a teenage son with a very demanding and aggressive career. I am also a certified youth athletic trainer and I have been coaching baseball teams for over 10 years. 

Over the years, I have constantly been questioned by athletes, parents, and friends, “why do you, a trainer and a coach, spend money on a trainer? Can’t you train yourself?”

My answer to that question is always the same....Tony is not just a trainer, he is a lifestyle mentor with a passion for helping people learn how to live their best lives. He is consistently challenging the stereotypical ‘trainer’ mentality and has continued to build his platform based on facts, individuality, and personal growth. He is constantly researching the science behind health, fitness, nutrition, and other interesting topics, and he uses his platform to share his wealth of knowledge in a very personable and encouraging forum. 

Another benefit to Tony’s methods is his incredible attention to detail and interactions with his clients. He is one of the most reliable and dependable individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Tony truly cares about his client’s progress with detailed follow ups, emails, blogs, phone calls, and his motivational positive energy. 

If you’re looking to learn how to achieve results and maintain a solid mental, physical, and nutritional lifestyle with a fun, ambitious, and unique spin to it....Tony is your guy! 

transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture

- 24.8 lbs.    - 14+ inches

Shannon W.

For me, it was about finding the old Shannon that once existed. I had lost her over the past few years.  My professional and social life were booming, but I finally came to the realization that I was turning the BIG 4-0 and knew there was something that needed to change. I have never been a ‘light weight’ person, honestly, I never owned a scale in my life.


Memorial Day weekend is where it all began, sitting in a bathing suit on a boat when my best friend said she was putting together some answers for a coach.  I was intrigued and asked if I could have his information. When I first started with Tony, I had ZERO idea of what macros were. I had always been a big cardio fan, but wasn’t see what I wanted to see.


It started with tracking our macros and movement. But it became about so MUCH more than that…he taught me (still teaching me…I’m a work in progress) how my sleep, food, movement and other areas of my life all impact what I really want.


We are 22.8 pounds down in our journey together.  We have about 12 more to go, but it’s not just about the weight.  I am back to feeling like the old Shannon and it has made me feel ALIVE. Can’t imagine doing life without him as my coach. Each of us is worth every penny we invest in ourselves.

- 22.4 lbs.    Bench +25lbs     Squat +50lbs

Arnold U.

I’ve always trained by myself. Never really thought into getting a trainer, but I took a chance with Tony, and it’s been the best thing ever not only is he my trainer but he is a life coach he takes the time to get to know you, and adjust our schedule around my schedule. It works!!

transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture
transformation before and after picture

- 22.4 lbs.    Bench +25lbs     Squat +50lbs

Leigh C.

When I first connected with Tony, I was struggling with what a lot of other people were in 2020 – consistency. At some point in the spring, I had given up on trying to keep up with my fitness goals. I told myself I was managing a toddler, a teenager, a full-time job and a marriage all while navigating a global pandemic and social and political unrest. We all know that these were unprecedented times. At any rate, for me, just waking up and getting through the day became “enough.” I knew I’d have to address my health again at some point, but I kept telling myself that I’d get to it once things settled down. The problem was, “it” (life, the world) never seemed to settle down.... READ MORE...

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