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protein calculator

Getting the right amount of protein can literally change your life.

Your stress, sleep, mood, cravings, hunger, fat loss, muscle gain, metabolism, and SO MUCH MORE are effected by your protein intake.

Here is a calculator to help you figure out how much is ideal for you, and a window if the ideal number doesn't quite fit your lifestyle.



1) Fill out Gender and Weight

2) Enter your body fat percentage (If you're unsure, click here for female, and here for male.)

3) Enter how much you work out

4) Set your goal to fat loss or muscle gain

5) The calculator give you your upper and lower range, and your ideal intake based on your goals

The thought "How the f*** am I supposed to get this much protein?" Probably just went through your head. 

Protein is confusing. If you're interested in a full custom macro set up along with some insane educational tools to take your strength, fat loss, or goal to the next level, check out what 1:1 Coaching or ClubBloom offers.

And just a few final notes...

Your ideal protein intake is based off of your lean body mass, activity level, and goals to give you an optimal number to aim for.

That being said...

Your life is much more complex than any calculator can measure. If you put effort into hitting that goal and after a few weeks feel like it is an impossible number to hit, aim for the lower end of the range.

Confused or still have questions?

If you have any other questions I will always answer emails within one to three business days to help out. You can send an email here with any questions you have. Or at

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