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👀 A Tiny Request: I want to reserve these for proud Crocs owners that plan to jazz up their pair with these jibbitz, feel free to snag 1 or 2. Just a heads-up, though – these cost me a good bit of money out of pocket to produce, and I'm covering the postage too. So let's play it cool and avoid any wastage, pretty please with sugar on top? 🍒


🚫 No Crocs, No Prob: I appreciate the f*** out of all the messages I got for those who want some that don't own crocs just to support. If Crocs aren't your thing, I get it (and you're entitled to your wrong opinion). If you still want to support me, I've got more merch rolling out soon that you'll be able to grab. Love you, mean it.


📦 P.S. One more thing – it's a limit of one of each jibbit per order (one burrito + one #bloom). My store doesn't have a setting to enforce this, but I am fulfililng and shipping the orders so if you order more I just won't put them in lol. (but seriously, try not to – it messes with my inventory and my heart).

#bloom Croc Jibbitz

  • None... they're free bruh lol

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