tdee & bmr calculator

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure (or how many calories you burn in a day.)

This includes calories burned at rest, calories burned during exercise, calories burned digesting the food you eat, and calories burned from non-exercise activities. (More detail here.)

Once you figure out your TDEE, you can set a deficit or surplus to see weight-loss or weight gain.


The calculator I made uses The Katch-McArdle Formula to estimate BMR and TDEE. I prefer this method because it takes Lean Body Mass (LBM) into account. Two individuals with the same height, the same weight, with different amounts of body fat, will burn different amounts of calories throughout the day.


1) Fill out basic information

2) Get most accurate estimate of your body fat percentage (click here if you're unsure)

3) Set your goal to either fat loss or muscle gain

4) Slide deficit or surplus bar to what percent you'd like to hit. (20% is a good starting point.)

5) The "Total Calorie Intake" is how many calories you should be consuming to see weight loss over time.

Confused or still have questions?


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